Which dog bed should you choose?

Jakie legowisko dla psa wybrać?

A comfortable dog bed is one of the most important dog accessories that you need to provide your beloved pet. In the article you will find out which one will be suitable for a puppy and which one to buy for an adult or senior dog?

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Does the dog need a lair?

When you decide to adopt a dog, you definitely want to create the best conditions for your pet to feel fully comfortable. In addition to providing him with medical care and dog food, you need to equip your home with the necessary accessories. Completing the so-called layette, you cannot forget about a good dog bed. The opinions of many experts indicate that the bedding is one of the most important dog accessories. A modern dog bed serves as a bed, but also affects the pet's sense of security.

Each of us likes to have his own place where he feels safe and cozy. A place where we can sew up for a while and relax. Dogs have similar needs, and the lair is a form of oasis where they can rest, take refuge and calm down. From the results of the research carried out by Dr. Lise Lippman's veterinarian shows that dogs with their own corner with the den are much better at dealing with stress.

Another aspect in favor of the dog should have a lair is that the pet's body needs support. A hard floor is not conducive to the regeneration of joints after an active day. On the contrary - too hard a sleeping surface can cause various types of stress and joint pain.

pethomer dog bed

Types of dog beds

When choosing a bed for your pet, you need to choose a model that will not only be visually attractive, but above all will provide your pet with a high level of comfort. The lairs available on the market differ in shape and size, as well as the material used or the type of filling. It is worth getting acquainted with the most popular models to choose the most practical dog bed for years.

A lair with a pillow

Classic lairs with a pillow are one of the most popular dog beds. The models are available with soft upholstery and filling in the form of a sponge or polyester material. They are comfortable beds for dogs of various sizes, which, in addition, often have a very good price / quality ratio.

AMIPLAY Oval bed

Dog mattress

Mattresses in the form of lairs are not built-up on the sides, which allows the pet to observe its surroundings while resting. A comfortable, large pillow will not only provide freedom in assuming various positions, but also prevent the formation of skin calluses in the quadruped. These types of bedding work best for pets of large breeds.

Dog house

A house-shaped den is a good solution for small breeds or shy dogs. A soft bedding with a roof will give you a sense of security and comfort. It is a kind of a cozy dog ​​bed, which will become a private oasis of the pet and will allow him to rest well, especially after stressful situations.

Bedding on legs

A bed on a rack or legs will work well not only at home, but also during trips. Due to the distance between the lying area and the floor, the bedding provides better air circulation. However, this type of bedding is not recommended for dogs with a long body (e.g. dachshunds) and pets with orthopedic problems.

Orthopedic bed

Orthopedic beds for dogs are intended not only for pets suffering from joint dysplasia and degeneration of the spine, but also recommended for senior dogs and animals after surgery. Such bedding is made, among others, by made of specially adapted highly elastic foam with a thermoplastic layer. The bed provides a very high level of comfort and supports the pet's recovery by relieving its joints and helping its muscles to relax.

orthopedic dog bed

Waterproof and stain-resistant bedding

A large proportion of dog beds are made of stain-resistant materials. An additional advantage is the quick-drying or completely moisture-impermeable variants, which prevents the multiplication of various microorganisms inside the den. Water-resistant and stain-resistant material in combination with a filling in the form of balls or silicone fiber will be especially good for puppies and dogs with allergies.

How to choose the size of the dog bed?

When choosing a bedding for a pet, most people probably look primarily at its design and durability. We want to buy an indestructible dog bed, while a much more important aspect is its size, which must be adapted to the size of the pet. Too small will not allow your pet to fully relax. On the other hand, a model that is too large will disturb his sense of security.

The size of the dog bed to choose depends largely on the age of the pet. The bedding is bought according to the current size of the pet, and this differs depending on whether we have a canine toddler or an already grown up quadruped. So, what puppy bed should you buy and how to choose the size of your adult dog bed?

In fact, in order to properly adjust the size of the dog bed, you should measure your pet. Measurement should be taken from the tip of the nose to the base of the tail. About 20 cm should be added to the obtained value to obtain the size of the required sleeping area for the pet.

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Where to put a dog bed?

Regardless of what kind of dog bed you buy - large or small - you need to find the right place for him. Choosing a location is just as important as choosing its type and size. Place largely influences whether your dog will use his bedding or whether he chooses to sleep on a couch or on the floor elsewhere in the house.

Dogs like to be around their household members at all times, even when resting. For this reason, it is best to place the bedding in a quiet and peaceful corner of the living room, where it will be able to maintain eye contact with the household members. Sometimes it is worth buying several beds and placing them in different parts of the house.

Here are some examples of poor dog lair locations that do not provide comfortable conditions for relaxation:

  • near the communication route and radiators;
  • constantly lit room;
  • immediate vicinity of doors, windows and noise sources (TV, radio);
  • a separate room away from household members.

A small apartment and a dog's bed

In a small apartment, it is difficult to find a convenient place for a bed, especially when we have a variant of the XL dog bed. In this case, it is best to observe the behavior of your pet and put the bed in the location he chooses to rest. This is one of the best solutions to provide your pet with comfort in a convenient place.

It is also a good idea to buy a special bedding that will have several functions. The lair-furniture can have various forms, such as a pouf, a table or a footrest. While the inside of such a piece of furniture acts as a cozy dog ​​bed, its outer part is fully usable for the household members. Such accessories are sometimes expensive, but they are certainly a good solution for small spaces.

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