5 toys your dog will love

5 zabawek, które pokocha Twój pies

Dog toys can be of various kinds. There is no shortage of products thanks to which your pet will be able to go crazy and run, as well as bite or even calm down and exercise gray cells. ;-) Such a large selection, however, makes the decision not easy at all. However, we will try to help by presenting the 4 most popular categories of toys, followed by a list of 5 specific proposals. Hidden among them is the one your friend will love.

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Types of dog toys

When looking for indestructible toys for a dog , small chewing toys for a puppy , or logical and mental entertainment, be primarily guided by their quality. Remember that your pet will play with them for hours, so they cannot be made of harmful substances.

Even a very hard dog chew should not pose a threat to the teeth, and in the case of large dogs, small parts can be swallowed. Also, pay attention to the value for money, durability and how these toys for your dog will affect his behavior.

Below we have described 4 types of frequently chosen toys. Each of these categories presents products that activate pets in a different way and affect them differently. We included teethers loved by both puppies and adult dogs, as well as balls, logic toys and solutions that work well in the open air.

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Dog chews

The teether can be both a durable toy for a large dog and a small object, ideally suited to the jaws of a small pet or puppy. In both cases, you can find many types of them, for example:

teether for the dog

Dog balls

A great source of fun are also balls that you can buy on the market in various sizes and colors. There are many products empty inside, as well as filled with flavors, making noise and arousing the curiosity of a pet. They can be made of a variety of materials, and there are even those that glow or make sounds.

All this makes them attractive toys for any dog, provided, of course, that they are tailored to their preferences. Not all quadrupeds like items emitting loud sounds, for example. It is also worth carefully considering the size of the ball. The little one can be quickly bitten by a larger pet, while the larger one may be afraid of small dogs.

dog ball

Interactive toys for the dog

A popular and liked group of toys are logical and educational games. They may differ in appearance, sizes or principles of operation, but they always have a positive effect on the pet. Their task is to train his senses, patience, and learn logical thinking.

Such toys are perfect when you want to, for example, calm your dog after a walk. Thanks to them, he has to focus on one element, and if he succeeds and completes the task, he will be rewarded. In this way, your pet works on his senses, but also learns logical thinking. It's also great when you need a moment of peace and quiet, without the dog going crazy around you.

puzzle toy for a dog

Toys for the yard

The last group - the most diverse and including some toys from other groups - are toys for the yard. Most of them are good for retrieving and allow the dogs to run out, but there are also games with water. Certainly, it will not surprise you that this group includes, for example:

  • frisbee ;
  • ringo ;
  • balls and shuttlecocks;
  • sprinklers and fountains.

dog frisbee

You already know the most popular groups of dog toys. From each of them, we have selected unique products that will surely appeal to your little one.

1. Pulling cords

If you are looking for indestructible toys for a dog , then pull cords will definitely suit you. They come in various forms and sizes, but they are always incredibly durable. Very often they quickly become favorite toys that work both at home and outdoors.

Depending on the model, these jerks come in different colors and sizes to suit different animals. There are also cords terminated with loops, allowing them to be pulled more comfortably, as well as full knots improving the grip. Their value for money is also important - they often become an investment for many months.

2. Balls on a string

We decided to place an unusual representative of the "balls" group in second place, namely a ball on a string. Depending on the product you choose, it can be rubber, corded or other. It can be squeaking and sometimes it shines, so it has all the most important elements that distinguish its type of products.

Its additional advantage is a string, thanks to which it can be used not only for retrieving, but also for pulling, easier throwing or playing in the water. It is easier for the dog to find and grab it, and the handle makes it easier to take it from him without the risk of getting slimy in the process.

3. Logical toys of the "find and eat" type

Our TOP 5 dog toys list could not be complete without educational toys. We focused on the "find and eat" type, because both young and experienced, bright dogs can enjoy it without any problems.

This type of product conceals a whole range of solutions, full of compartments, lockers, trapdoors, tabs and other gaps where you can hide your pet's flavors. His task will be to move, press, sniff and rummage between them until he finds all the prizes. In this attractive way, you will develop his ability to think logically, and at the same time keep him occupied for a long time.

4. The olfactory mats

The olfactory mats are the second representative of the logic toys that we have included in our list. We decided to make such a move, because this type of products will stimulate your pet's senses slightly different than the typical logical games from the point above.

The mats come in various sizes and colors, but always hide favorite dog treats in their nooks and crannies. Ideally, you should hide there delicacies that smell intensely. Thanks to this, you will stimulate the smell of your pet, as well as his eyesight, this time. Depending on the pet's experience, rewards can be hidden more or less ambitiously to increase the difficulty level over time.

5. Natural teethers

Natural chews for animals close our ranking. Unlike their artificial and rubber counterparts, they are often made of fragments of the bodies of other animals. Thanks to this, your pet can not only bite it, but also eat it with good taste, and certainly nothing bad will happen to him.

pethomer dog toy

Teethers are very diverse. Among them you can find both a durable toy for a large dog, such as a coffee tree, and a small and soft calf's ear. The choice is huge, so there is nothing to prevent you from testing different variants in search of the one that will provide your pet not only with a lot of fun, but also tasty and healthy.

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