What dog harness for the car?

Jakie szelki dla psa do auta?

Must a dog transported by car have a seat belt fastened ? Driving safety is extremely important. In this matter, we are talking about the appropriate protection of the four-legged friend, as well as the driver and other passengers. Many canine parents are unaware of how this case is official, however, from the legal point of view. Nevertheless, numerous behaviors are intuitive, and their execution is supported by appropriate accessories.

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Does a dog have to have belts in the car?

People driving the car are required to have their seat belts properly fastened at all times. It is required by the road traffic law and regulations in force in our country. However, this matter is not so obvious for everyone in the field of transporting animals. From this point of view, however, it is also possible to find specific provisions regulating the safety of a pet during travel, although they often do not describe this issue directly.

Dog belts - duty or common sense?

Pursuant to Art. 60 of the Road Traffic Code, the vehicle must be used in a way that will not pose a threat to people inside and outside it. According to this provision, an unpinned dog can potentially be dangerous, for example, when unexpectedly jumps to the lap of a person driving a car. In the face of such a situation, a police officer may be forced to issue a ticket to the driver in the amount of up to PLN 200.

Another legal provision relating to the subject of transporting dogs in a car is Art. 6 sec. 2 of the Animal Protection Act. According to it, transporting animals in a way that exposes them to stress and suffering may be interpreted as bullying. Such behavior may result in a fine or even restriction or imprisonment for up to 2 years.

That being said, do you have to have dog belts? Theoretically, the obligation does not exist, because the regulations do not say anything about belts. On the other hand, neglecting the safety rules can have very serious consequences.

Apart from fines and imprisonment / restriction of liberty, the consequences of irresponsible behavior are also important. If the dog is not clipped on, it could hit the door, the seat in front of it, and even fly out through the windshield at the time of the accident. This is a tragic scenario, which, however, should motivate canine parents to follow the safety rules during each car journey.

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Can the dog run in the trunk?

The regulations in Poland do not regulate in detail whether a dog can ride in a trunk . As in the example above, this activity has not been banned, so it can be considered allowed. Again, however, the focus here is on the appropriate adaptation of the space to the needs of the pet and its proper protection. It is worth covering the floor of the trunk with an absorbent mat or your pet's favorite blanket to make him feel comfortable there. You should also think about strapping your pet to guarantee its safety.

What dog harness for the car?

Harnesses for a large dog for a car and for smaller breeds are widely available and can be easily found on the Internet at attractive prices. When choosing the best product, you only need to check its dimensions and make sure that it will be comfortable for a specific pet. It is important that it is made of durable high-quality materials. Then, even in the moment of a sudden, strong jerk, it will not be damaged.

How to fasten a dog with a harness in the car?

Putting a car harness on a dog is not complicated. They work in the same way as products intended for walking. After fastening them on the back of the pet, all you need to do is adjust them so that they are not too loose and hold the animal's body well. It is also important that they are not fastened too tightly. They could then lead to abrasions and even injury in crisis situations.

A short bow is attached to the harness. This is done using a strong carabiner. The other end of the strap has a special buckle, the same as for seat belts for ordinary passengers. It is also stuck in the same place until you hear a characteristic click.

Car harness for a dog

When looking for a car harness for a dog with an approval , it is worth paying attention to the products recommended by dog ​​parents. They are usually made of high-quality materials and have an attractive price-quality ratio. Importantly, they are durable and can be treated as an investment for years to come.

For example, the TRIXIE dog car harness is popular . You can buy them in various sizes, which makes them suitable for both small breeds and powerful quadrupeds. Their length is adjustable, so they can even be used as a leash after your pet leaves the car. They have been trimmed with a sponge, thanks to which they guarantee the pet not only maximum safety while on the road, but also comfort and convenience.

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Dog accessories for the car

Safety belts for a dog in the trunk or passenger compartment are not the only accessories that you should buy before you start your journey. In addition to them, it can also be useful, among others:

  • absorbent mat - placed on the trunk floor or on the seat, it will protect the upholstery from stains;
  • rear seat cover - depending on the model, it can even cover the entire surface of the rear seats. In this way, it is easy to create a safe and comfortable space for your pet;
  • travel bowls - you can never forget about proper hydration and feeding of your pet. This issue is particularly important in the case of cars without air conditioning, when hot sun rays intensely heat the interior of the vehicle;
  • dog's first aid kit - tours are full of unforeseen situations. It is worth having basic accessories in case of injury or other incidents;
  • lair - thanks to it, your pet will feel safe and comfortable on the way. If he feels like it, he will also be able to take a short nap without having to look for a comfortable place all over the car.

How to transport a dog in the trunk?

It is recommended to separate the boot space from the passenger compartment with a special net. Thanks to this, in the event of sudden braking, the dog will not be unexpectedly thrown towards the windshield. Dog seat belts in the trunk also work well . Depending on the model, they can be attached to the rear seat. In the event of sudden car movements or an accident, it will keep the animal safe in one place and will not hit anything.

A proven way to transport a pet in the trunk is to put it in a carrier. It is stable and ensures that the dog stays safely in one place. How to strap a dog in the trunk in this case? As in the situation described above, transporters can most often be secured with the use of special car seat belts. Such a "leash" is usually attached in place of the traditional passenger belt, and its other part is mounted in such a way that the carrier - with the dog inside - remains stationary all the time.

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